Here at Horsemanship Unlocked, we use a variety of training methods that not only explain the HOW of horse training but also the WHY we do what we do. The practice of horsemanship consists of challenges such as learning and practicing techniques to communication through body language, identifying equine behaviors and expressions, understanding equine cognition and ethology, and working through various stages of operant and classical conditioning. Overcoming such challenges are necessary in order to shape both horse and human behaviors in an ethical and efficient way. That's a lot! We get it. While we commonly teach live horsemanship clinics that cover such topics, we understand that retaining all the background information can often be the wall we hit as we navigate though our horsemanship journey. 

How can Horsemanship Unlocked help? As technology and horsemanship practices continue to advance, having access to all that information at your finger tips can be a great learning tool. Once accessed, these courses are designed to be a place that students can be referred back to, limitlessly! 

As equestrian acrobats we understand how important it is to stay in shape and remain in a training program. Join Veronica's trick technique training courses online and stay on track when she isn't in your neck of the woods. Learning online and at home on a barrel is effective, fun, and safe!


  • What did you love about the class?
  • Instructor is amazing! Horses are sweet and very patient. So much fun! Great teaching! Love learning cool stuff! 

  • What could be improved?
  • My skills! Every thing about the class is awesome! So happy with this class

- Carrie B.

About Us

Veronica Painter was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. Working for several other trainers since the age of 10, she knew she wanted to live the rest of her life with horses. Veronica moved to Florida in 2013 to join a riding troupe specializing in theatrical circus arts after having served an internship at an equestrian dinner theatre and performed on a regional trick riding team. In 2016 Veronica returned to Illinois to start her own business: Horsemanship Unlocked. Currently Veronica resides around the twin cities and travels nationwide for performances and clinics.

Starting at an early age, Veronica immersed herself in horses. She has worked on many professional productions including: Circus Flora, Circus Sarasota, Silver Dollar City’s Wild West Show, Zoppe Family Circus, and more. Specializing in trick training, liberty, and circus style trick riding and vaulting, Veronica bridges the gap that can exist between horses and circus arts. Veronica isn’t just a trick rider or athlete, Veronica is a horsewoman. She is passionate about her training and her performances.

Veronica is more than excited to offer online courses and stay connected with her students. Always on the move, now there is a way to continue education and training in the off season.